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1937 brass cent


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I recently found a 1937 cent that looks brass has anyone else seen this color on a 1937 cent? It weighs the same 3.11 grams as the copper cents from that year. Does copper sometimes change to a brass like color? I know that the 83,85d,97,97d,and 98 had brass colored cents but this is the first 1937 I have seen this.

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Those are basically Brass anyway. Early Lincoln Cents are .95% Copper, .05% Zinc and Tin. Brass is only a term for alloys of Copper where basically Zinc and Tin and occationally other metals are added to create different effects. Some Brasses take on discolorations due to invironment or people just doing something to that substance. For example at many places where they put on demonstrations for an Auto polish, they use a coin to show how thier product makes it shine like new. The high content of Copper in those coins also makes them an easy target for reactions with many gasses.

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