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French liard or what else??


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Hello to everybody :ninja:


I really need help to identify this coin. I guess it would be an undated French liard, anyway I'd need additional information for a more accurate classification. Or maybe I'm just wrong... and this is something else... but what???


Thanks in advance for any suggestion!





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Well, as first many thanks for your competent response. I think you've been close to the right answer.


Few days ago I found this other coin on ebay, with a small heart over a face. I have a modest culture about a so wide discipline such as medieval numismatic, but I recently reviewed hundred coins of that age and I'm quite sure that hearts was not common at all.


Also, looking my coin, or token, or what it would be, I can now understand the iscription "CAMBRAI":




that's the same commune in the Nord department of France from where comes the coin of ebay. And Cambrai is the seat of an archdiocese whose jurisdiction was immense during the Middle Ages, so I could suppose its coinage has been various and hard to know today.


Well, now the next question: may somebody help me about coins/tokens of that lovely place?? :ninja:

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Cambrai wasn't part of France until Louis XIV (17th c.) --it was part of the Holy Roman Empire. Feuardent classifies pre-French Cambrai jetons as nos. 6699-6710, but I can't tell enough about your jeton to see which one it might be.

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Great reply again, thanks for your help.


Anyway I'd ask you to be more specific: about Feuardent I just know the "Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l'Empire romain" but I see it doesn't cover the age of my token, so where would be the classification of Cambrai jetons of whom you are talking to?


I also tried to look at "Medieval European Coinage" of Grierson and Blackburn, but I don't own the complete opera and again it miss the age I need... bad luck... :ninja:

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Here's a link for vol. 2 of Feuardent's Jetons et méreaux depuis Louis IX. It takes a while to load... Remember that the index is (as in all French books!) at the end, not the beginning.


Link to Feuardent



I have been searching for your coin/jeton in many places, so far with no luck. It resembles some of the smaller patard coins minted in Cambrai in the 1400-1500's, but I've found nothing so far!

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I just finished to read the pages concerning Cambrai. And I haven't found anything suitable for my research. A coeur appears on some of those jetons, but it is never alone as in my coin seems to be. Maybe I own a unique and priceless mongrel? Ah ah ah!


Well, I said "coin": are you sure it couldn't be a coin similar to the VI Deniers I found on eBay? Altogether, they are not so different: a heart on a side, an armes on the opposite one. Or not? I know, my coin is slightly worse than the one on eBay and is not possible to sight any indication about the value. But maybe this is specified around the border...


Also you talk of "smaller patard coins minted in Cambrai". That's interesting. In my language, the translation of "patard" is "patacca" and means a so bad counterfeit coin that you never could expect to peddle it as authentic: some kind of rough reproduction that you can find with snacks or Nutella, just to explain :ninja: But so many years ago which reason they would had to mint such kind of dreadful items?

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