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i like the look of the slabs you get when you have coins graded so i want to buy some slabs without having my coins graded can you buy slabs like this if so how much are they roughly and wheres a good place to look ebay hasnt got any

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eBay does have quite a few slab-like coin holders available. Some are rather expensive, others are not. Just search for "slab" under the "Coins & Paper Money > Publications & Supplies > Holders" section in eBay.


Remember, these are snap-lock slab units, not sonic sealed (you would need a sonic sealer or press to seal them like the TPGs).


Some of the sellers sell the inserts and the slab separately, so read carefully to make sure.


You can get slabs from Amos as well through Coin World.


The classic Coin World slabs run $1.25 still, I believe. The "premium" slabs run more. eBay sellers will sell them for $1 or under. These are normally manufactured by Miller Hobby or Collector Safe.




I should add, being in the UK, you will pay higher for these slabs due to shipping costs. And some of the sellers do not ship outside the U.S.

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