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Upcoming Numismatic Websites!


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My numismatic business website, NPCoin.com, has semi-launched and will be worked vigorously these next few months. Come take a look every once in a while. My local business is as a consultant of all things numismatic. I appraise coins, give consultation and advice, and consign and make referrals for my clients. I am bringing these services (and more) online.


I have also linked two URLs to my stores at eBid.net featuring numismatic related items.


ValueCoinExchange.com links to my eBid store for the sale of coins and notes.


Numismatic-Playground.com links to my eBid store for the sale of numismatic related publications and supplies.


I will post a reply to this post over the next several months as major updates to the sites occur so that nobody is wasting time waiting for me to update any content. At least until things start moving along smoothly. :ninja:


Thank you in advance for looking! Feel free to email the webmaster with any comments you may have about the site and/or content!

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