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Coins no longer available!

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I have a lot of State Quarters and Westward nickels on consignment from a local client.


The total face value of the State Quarter lot is $25,000 and is currently only being offered as a whole. It includes $1000 face value of each State from 2004-2008. These coins should be all Denver mint as they were all acquired from Wyoming and Texas banks.


There are a total of 100,000 quarters in this lot, with 4000 of each State design from 2004-2008.


There will be no refund on this lot after acceptance. The lot will be personally delivered within the continental United States, with a required signed release form accepting the contents of the lot after your inspection.


The coins will be fully insured against theft or damage until delivery and acceptance of the lot.


Down payment of face value ($25,000) must clear prior to delivery. Acceptable payment in full must be made prior to or at the time of acceptance. A portion of the down payment will be non-refundable in the instance the buyer decides not to complete the transaction. PM me for details. Non-refundable portion is based on buyer's location and delivery status.


Keep in mind, this lot weighs over 1,250 lbs.


This lot is offered to residents or delivery addresses within the contiguous 48 States only.


Serious inquiries only, please. You may submit any offer but only reasonable offers will be considered. Consignor is not desperate. PM or email me your offers and questions.

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At this time, my client is offering $500 face value (250 rolls) of each of the Westward Journey nickels. These coins should all be Denver, as they were acquired from banks in the Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas areas.


My client is only considering lots of $100 face value (50 rolls) or more of each design.


Asking price per roll (delivered with 50 roll minimum per design) is:

2004 Bison - $2.95

2004 Peace - $4.79

2005 Keelboat - $2.95

2005 Ocean - $2.95


Best offer of $3000 or more considered for the full 1000 rolls (250 rolls of each design).


PM me with questions, offers, and orders.

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