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Various POLAND types lot1


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Too many recent dates, I don't keep 'em. Great kick-start for some diff. types.

When?: now, with an opener of 2.00 with .25 increments. BIN of 5.00 Ends Tues. the 18th@ 8:00 p.m. board time.

What?: Look at pics, they're lousy; but you see what you're getting.

How?: Cash,check,m.o. or paypal to my wife as gift to: twofeathers1354@yahoo.com

Nasties?: 1.50 shipping, getting to you in about 3 days. Int'l o.k. but ask 1st for postage

'82 1 zloty KM#49.1

'89 2 zloty KM#80.3

'75 10 zlotych KM#73

'86 10 zlotych KM#152.1

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