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Delete this post. All coins already sold

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I have the following morgans for sale. Will take offers for one or all. Values listed are retail. Coins will be available for one more week and then off to ebay. Louie



1883-O BU 36.00


1884-O BU 36.00


1885-o BU 36.00


1879-o AU 34.00


1879-o BU 75.00


1881-O AU 26.00


1881-o AU 26.00


1882-p AU 26.00


1884-o AU 26.00


1884-p XF 23.00


1885-s XF 64.00


1885-p AU 26.00


1885-o XF 23.00


1886-p BU 36.00


1889-p BU 38.00


1892-o XF 35.00


1896-p BU 39.00


1898-p AU 26.00


1900-O AU 26.00


1900-P BU 39.00


1901-O XF 23.00


1902-O AU 26.00

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