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eBay auction - Platinum 1835 3 Rouble


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Saw this auction (almost ending) and thought it was interesting:




Even though authenticity is "questionable" people are bidding high... he got the weight pretty close to original though (10.32 vs 10.36), the edge is right too... any reason you can see why NGC wouldn't authenticate? I can't see any difference between the picture he put up and Bitkin...


People bidding don't seem to mind all that :ninja:

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I don't know but I'm pretty certain NGC doesn't blatantly label coins as fake, they always use the term "questionable" I suppose it doesn't leave them liable to future court cases if the coin does turn out to be genuine. Also I was told under US law fake coins should be handed to the FBI and so I have been led to believe if NGC were to declare a coin sent into grading as fake they would have to turn it over to the FBI along with the details of the person sending it.

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