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Looking for confirmation/more info


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I've pretty much identified all the coins in my collection at this point, but there are still two that I just can't find a match for online. I found both of these in my grandfather's box of old coins when I was a kid. I am fairly certain that I have them properly identified, but I would be more than grateful if anybody could provide any corrections/ further information. Approximate value and a link to similar coins in better shape would be awesome!


Coin #1


I brought a picture of this one to a coin show back in the day, and one of the people there identified it as a Silver Denar from Cologne minted under the rule of Heinrich von Molemark (Mulmark), 1225-1238. The historical facts match up, but I've never been able to find a match for this coin online.







Coin #2


This one had me puzzled for a long time, since the only distinguishing feature on the coin is the Star of David, and an extremely large smudge that looks like 1212. It is exactly the same size as a nickel, and appears to be made out of bronze. I googled around for a bit, and my best guess is 1 Falus from Morocco, 1797 (1212 in the Arabic calendar). See example: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3104/260958...e9d487f.jpg?v=0





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Coin #2 is a Moroccan falus, 19th century. These were crude bronze coins that were usually cast in "trees" consisting of a number of connected individual coins, which were then broken off the "tree" leaving little nubs on the coin edge. You can see what is left of the nubs on this coin.

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