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RCMP Press release Ebay/Replica coins


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Press Release




Replica / Counterfeit Canadian Coins pulled off eBay auction sites




Vancouver, B.C. July 15th, 2009 – The RCMP Federal Commercial Crime Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team in Vancouver would like to remind the general public that the selling and or buying of replica or counterfeit Canadian coins is strictly forbidden and in contravention of Section 450 of the Criminal Code.




Members of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) recently brought to the attention of the RCMP Federal Commercial Crime Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team in Vancouver that during the past few years, sellers from China had been selling Chinese made counterfeit coins on eBay. These coins were replicas of rare Canadian coins from the turn of the century.




Sgt. Farahbakhchian, the RCMP’s Pacific Region Counterfeit Coordinator, stated that; “These coins have fooled many unsuspecting buyers who were led to believe the coins were genuine numismatic rarities, worth thousands of dollars. Unfortunately a substantial number of these counterfeits have already made their way into private collections. The ramifications of these counterfeit coins will most likely be felt for generations as individuals attempt to pass them off as genuine coins, or bequeath them as part of their estate. Some coins had even been stamped by the seller as “ replicas”.




The Criminal Code makes it an indictable offence to possess, buy, receive or introduce into Canada Counterfeit Money that resembles or is apparently intended to resemble or pass for a current coin or paper money. Canadian coins (including Newfoundland coins) dating back to 1858 are still current, as there has not been any Act of Parliament to demonetize them.




Upon receipt of the RCNA complaint, the RCMP immediately notified eBay representatives, at their Headquarters in San Jose, California, and informed them of the situation. Upon consultation with the RCMP, eBay cooperated fully with the RCMP’s request to remove all current listings from the Canada and USA sites. They have agreed to amend their Currency Policy, banning the sale of any replica versions of all Canadian and Newfoundland coins dating from 1858 onward on its eBay.ca and eBay.com websites.




Ms. Andrea Stairs, Head of Marketplace Development for eBay Canada, further added that; “This move will help prevent replica coins from entering the market and potentially being re-sold as originals. E-Bay will continue to collaborate with the RCMP to maintain a marketplace that is safe for both buyers and sellers of numismatic material”.




eBay’s decision to institute prompt and effective measures to ensure that the unlawful sales of these coins ceases immediately demonstrates eBay’s strong commitment to working in partnership with the RCMP in the fight against counterfeiting. The preservation of the integrity of the Canadian economy and the broader e-commerce marketplace is one of the strategic priorities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.




The RCMP is also in the process of creating a link on their website containing educational material on the identification of counterfeit coins. This will include updated digital images, specifications and identifiers for each of the coins in question.




If anyone has information regarding the production or distribution of counterfeit coins or currency, they are asked to contact Crime Stoppers or their local detachment or police force.








Released by:


Sgt. Tony Farahbakhchian


Pacific Region Counterfeit Coordinator


RCMP, E Division Federal Commercial Crime Section


Telephone: 604-598-5393

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