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Bank of England £5 notes


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Hi guys, my dad has asked that I find out the value of some £5 notes he has. One of them is printed so that the reverse design can be seen through one side, and vice versa. It's a legit note I believe. The other can be rubbed out ink wise, I need to clarify with him but I believe all of it can be rubbed out. Obviously we haven't checked!!


Could you guys give me a value on how much they're worth please?


Your help is much appeciated!

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Hi, I hope these pics are ok - my phone is not a great camera!

http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/2479/note4.jpg This is the most clear pic I have








As you can see, you can see the other side of the print!


Thanks for your reply =)


ps. I think the note where the ink rubs off looks just like a normal note, I can take a pic of that too soon - just have to sort out my phone!!

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you only show one copy of the 2002 note in a fairly poor condition. In case this note is UNC with your control number JE... it would value (catalogue value !!!) at some 9 quid - but your note is worth just what it says on it, i.e. 5 Pounds.



ye olde

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