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This offer is only good for Memorial Day Weekend. I will determine the best offer sometime early Memorial Day (May 25).


I was going to only offer up a $100 bag of 90% "junk" silver, but decided to go ahead and offer 100 oz. of "junk" silver content instead. This bag is a 90%/40% US silver coin bag totaling an approximate silver content of 100 oz. The bag will contain at least $73 face value of 40% Kennedy Halves (over 21 oz. silver content) and about $108 face value of 90% silver coins (over 78 oz. silver content).


The 40% silver are all Kennedy halves ranging from 1965 through 1969. The 90% silver coins will be a mixture of Morgan and Peace dollars, Walkers, Franklins, 1964 Kennedy Halves, Barber Quarters, Barber dimes, Winged Liberty ("Mercury") dimes, and Roosevelt dimes.


Silver halted this weekend at $14.69/oz. Whether it will continue to rise or fall, we can only speculate.


I will accept the best offer of $1400 or over on this bag (includes shipping).


PM offers.


You will need to let me know if you want to PayPal the payment or snail mail it when you make your offer. I'll take the 2.9% PayPal fee into consideration when determining the best offer. You may take up until June 1st to make good on payment if you make best offer.

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