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Silver rolls for under Apmex prices!

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Silver rose steadily this week. Next week it may or may not rise more. That's the game with speculation. This rise has pushed available silver rolls on Apmex (as well as CDN premiums above spot) close to my minimum acceptable offer for my rolls currently. So this weekend only, I'll be offering my rolls for a bit under Apmex published price with free shipping within the U.S. PM me for availability, as I am offering these avg. circulated rolls on a number of different venues and fora. Payment via PayPal, please add 2.75% per roll. If you would like to reserve some rolls for payment later this month, PM me! First come first served!


Roosevelt rolls, 90% silver, pre-1965, $62 (17 avail.)

"Mercury" rolls, 90% silver, 1930's - 1940's, $72 (3 avail.)

"Mercury" rolls, 90% silver, 1910's - 1940's, $72 (1 avail.)

"Mercury" rolls, 90% silver, 1910's - 1920's, $75 (5 avail.)

Kennedy rolls, 40% silver, 1965's - 1969's, $48.50 (19 avail.)

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