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Coins in art

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I always liked coins.

It is my intention to present my work. Na incredible work. Which I believe to be unique in all world. The handicraft consist in thirty-three murals with a bachground oil painting and concluded in the shaps wished by the autor with gluing of thonsands of coins from almost the entire world, values, people culture the value of each country recorded in coins. The inimitable images are showed in the brilliant multi-coloured combination never before imagined, Splendor and beauty. The new way of creating art: Coins in art.

Three of these murals have been honoured with Guinness Book of Records.

I am looking in other countries the possible public exposition.

See photos in: www.portugalaomundo.pt.vu

The aim of this divulgation is to make my work knowm in case someone shows interest to consider bay the whole collection

Best Regars

Eduardo Henriques

Forgive my inglish


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