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Grading Coins by Photographs by Q. David Bowers


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Grading Coins by Photographs: An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor by Q. David Bowers, 2008, 360 pages, $19.95.


The importance of grading is hard to argue. The history of grading is more contentious and those arguments continue to this moment.


Our digitally scanned images reveal – and conceal. Chapter 4, “Understanding the Surfaces of Coins,” explains what the illustrations really mean. Supporting paragraphs give verbal depth of field to each illustration. None of these is a composite photo. In every case, the photographs are of the same coin, obverse and reverse. Chapter 6, “How to Use this Book,” advises: “… it is useful to go on the Intenet and seek out similar coins in similar grades from the leading services, to verify what is shown here and also to give some ideas as to differences that can occur within a given grade. Do ‘field’ work by visiting coin shops and shows.”


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