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Web-page of V. Bitkin and his new catalog


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Hello everybody,

Want to let you know that Web-page of Vladimir Bitkin is open and starting to get a new content. There are not too much info for now, but in the future we are planning to add some updates for both catalogs as to the new materials and prices for coins and medals. Also there should be some other info dealing with numismatics and phaleristics. Link to the site - http://antikvarius.com.ua/bitkin/

Web site is available both in Russian and English languages.

Presently you can see there an information about new "Catalog of Russian Medals" - http://antikvarius.com.ua/bitkin/?page_id=54&lang=en

If you are interesting to buy it, e-mail to antikvarius@gmail.com or visit our store - http://www.antikvarius.com.ua/shop/index.p...amp;language=en

Best regards,


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