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Hello all. I'm back with more questions. I need to know where to look on the internet for information on foreign coins. I have tried but am not much of a computer person (although I am learning computers at the same time I am learning about coins and collecting). I have coins from numerous countries such as Spain, Venezuela, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Central and South America, Cuba, etc. Any help is much appreciated.

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Guest Stujoe

Hi. I have moved your post to the World COin Forums (and deleted the duplicate posts) to give it more visibility.


The best thing to do would probably be to get ahold of a Standard Catalogue of World Coins either in a bookstore or library if possible.


Otherwise, there are some links on this site:




and some links on one of my sites:




that might have some info for you.


With pictures/descriptions, etc, people here might be able to help also.

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Stujoe, thanks so much for the information and assistance. I had already put a post in the World Coin forum and put the one in the Coins forum just in case there were some members who might not be going to the World forum right away that might have some info for me. I'll check out those sites and post some pictures. Thanks again. :ninja:

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