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germany military coin


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I have a 10 Pfenning 1940 (A) - Military Issues - coin. (you can find some picture attached).

I am a little curious about it's value, because, in Krause German Coins catalog it has a value around 30 euros.

I found on an auction site 2 similar coins (mintmark E and J), which in the Krause catalog are around 100 euros.

But on this site, the prices are much much higher (1250euro (J) and 3650 euro (E).

German coins - Military Issues


so, on the market, what is the real value of the coin??



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Of those 10 Pfennig Reichskreditkassen coins, 1940 A is the most common* and least expensive year/mintmark combination. Prices in the Jaeger are €20 for ss (VF), €45 for vz(EF), and €85 for st (BU). 1940 E is the one with the lowest mintage - €2,200 for ss, prices for vz and st are not listed due to limited supply. 1940 J had a similarly low mintage, but apparently more coins "survived": €550 / €900 / €2,200.


So €3,650 for an "almost ss" piece seems to be a little much. Just checked this month's MünzenRevue price guide (which lists prices for one more grade); about the same there.


* Note that "most common" does not necessarily imply the highest production figure. It rather refers to the number of coins that are available today. For example, the 10 Pf 1941 A had a higher mintage (about 9.5m) than the 1940 A piece (about 7.4m) but costs about as much as the 1940 J which had a mintage of 0.5m ...



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Nice coin :ninja: . Here's a 5 Reichspfennig 1940-D (Munich) piece that I just aquired. These coins are getting harder and harder to find.


Link: http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view_enlarge.aspx?id=958260

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