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1916 Pattern Merc. PR25...


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Check out the diff's between this & buisness strikes


The dsigner's monogram AAW missing from obverse.

What else?

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From the auction:


There are many attributes that make this coin unique from the 1916 Mercury Dimes struck for production. Among these differences is the fact that the date (1916) is much smaller and does not protrude from behind Ms. Liberty's neck as on the business strikes. The designer's monogram "AW" is missing behind Ms. Liberty's head. The Winged Liberty Head of this dime is off-set to the right whereas the production strikes are perfectly centered, and the base of her neck comes in contact with the coin's rim at 6 o'clock on the obverse. The motto "In God We Trust" is much larger than the date; which is the opposite of the final production design. There are also additional differences in the size and spacing of the coin's lettering on both obverse and reverse, and the configuration of the olive leaves on the reverse



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