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German Silver Nazi Coins


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I bought 10 1938 5 Reichsmark Silver coins from a dealer in Toronto for $60. Does anyone know if this was a good deal and what the silver content in them is.


It depends on the mint, the condition, and US or Canadian dollars. Without a picture, no one can for sure. The coin is .900 fine silver or .4016 ounces of silver. Mint marks E, F, or G are the more scarce pieces of that year.

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How good a deal you got depends somewhat on why you bought them. If you were buying them as bullion, you paid a rather hefty (although not unheard of) premium over spot, assuming you bought them recently and not back when silver was over $15 the ounce. If you were buying for numismatic value, and the coins are somewhat better than average circulated and/or some of them have the better mint marks, then you got a fair deal. I am assuming these are not UNC or BU coins as coins in this state are quite scarce in Nazi silver and no knowledgeable dealer would sell them so cheaply.

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