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Mid Grade Proof Washers PCGS

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I have the following for sale or trade now that I gotten around to sorting out my washers.


1983-S PCGSPR68DCAM 25C S/N 5539463

1983-S PCGSPR67DCAM 25C S/N 5539462

1983-S PCGSPR67DCAM 25C S/N 5539458

1981-S PCGSPR68DCAM 25C Type 1 S/N 5539456

1981-S PCGSPR67DCAM 25C Type 1 S/N 5539454

1981-S PCGSPR67DCAM 25C Type 1 S/N 5539455


If you are intereted in any or all PM me with a price or trade

Thank you

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