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This Badge for 1934 has a striking design, Hammer & Sickle, Eagle, Swastika. Brass 36mm. Makers name on the reverse, cannot fully decipher it. Could be moerstein?


Comes under "German Third Reich Tinnie Pin Badges"


A diferrent medal was produced for each year. Tag Der Arbeit = Day of work or "Labour Day"


1933 May 1st: The German Government turned International Labour Day (May Day) into "Day of National Labour" or National Labour Day and gave workers a yearly May Day holiday.


1933 May 2nd: All trade union offices were occupied, all unions incorporated into new German Labour Front (DAF).


This was part of the moves to consolidate all power into the hands of Hitler & the Nazi Party.

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That's one scary badge. The disembodied head with blank eyes, in between the hammer and sickle, which seem in this arrangement like instruments of torture... A rather twisted take on Communist iconography.

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The hair-style is also pretty scary. But it is a striking 30's design and to see the hammer & sickle combined with the swastika is unusual. The communist hammer & sickle were symbols of international workers unity and to partner them with the german national eagle & swastika was pure propaganda. You are right, a very scary medal which seems to embody the face of fascism.



" Lest we forget"

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