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1757 Frederick II (the Great) of Prussia.

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Frederick the Great. Battle of Lissa (Leuthen) Dec 5th & Rosbach Nov,5th 1757. Bronze 48mm


Frederick the Great. Battle of Rosbach Nov. 5th & Siege of Breslau Dec. 20th 1757. Bronze 38mm Notice the cannons bombarding the star fort or "trace italienne".



Frederick the Great. Obverse Legend: FRIDERICVS MAGN. D.G.REX BORVSS. EL. BRAND. DVX SILES.

Reverse: FAMA PRVDENTIA VIRTVTE. Engraver Holtzhey In exergue: AVSTIR-EXERC- PROPE-PRAGEVNDIT-CAESOET-PRAGA OBSESSA VI MAJI MDCCLVII. Half-length bust right, rev Victory kicks Bohemia, knocking off her crown, 48mm (Olding 604a)


Frederick the Great medal 1757. Struck in England (hence the english inscription). The.Most.Heroic C.F.III K of Prussia (for Caesar.Frederick. Should be II not III the engravers mistake) The British were supporting Frederick with money to protect Hanover. Lovely die-break.


Frederick the Great: Fredericus Borussor.Rex (Frederick II King of Prussia) by I.D. Issued for his accession to the throne 1740. Copper 55mm

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