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10 Heler Note where is this from????


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According to this website "Kassen Schein" are interest bearing certificates of a bank, which functioned as non-legal tender money even before their due date. Yours has a due date of December 31, 1920, but I can't find any reference to an interest rate.


I can't read the German legend giving the name of the issuing bank, nor can I tell whether it is German or Austrian, although for reasons I can't articulate, I am leaning toward Austria. Chances are the seal at the upper left is the seal of the issuing bank, which presumably was founded in 1689.


Hopefully one of our members who reads German fluently will come along and further enlighten us. :ninja:

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The term "Kassenschein" can have various meanings; here is one from a 19c German encyclopedia ...



IOW, it's basically a notgeld note, issued by the town of Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna. "Heller" were used in Austria in those years, not in Germany. The seal is that of the town, see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perchtoldsdorf


Also, the Wehrturm shown on that page, a fortified church tower, is the tower depicted on the note.



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