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DE/Collector Coins: Distribution to be privatized


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The German collector coins and mint sets will soon be sold and distributed by a private company. Currently the German Numismatic Office is a department of the Federal Securities Administration (BWPV), but as from 1 January 2006 it should be in the hands of ... well, we will see. The call for tenders is here:




So if you speak German, are in the European Union, have enough storage room and meet the other requirements, feel free to bid. Compared to the current situation (the BWPV does its job reliably but is awfully slow) things can only get better ;-)


The call for tenders only affects the sales and distribution of the products mentioned above, to both dealers and "end customers". The coins will still be produced by the German mints, and from what I know, there are no plans to change the sale of unc. collector coins at face value.



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