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Working Non-stop On My Website. I need feedback!

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I have been building my website since may 2007. I started the website to help beginners learn about coins, and how to buy coins from online auctions safely by being better informed on coin facts.


My website offers:


*Third Party Grading Page which I update all the time with grading service holder pictures, links, articles and facts.


*Mint Error Coin Page with error pictures and descriptions.


*Non-Mint Error Page with pictures of coins that have been mistaken for errors.


*Counterfeit, Fake, Copy & Replica Coin Page with pictures and an article on identifying fake, counterfeit and replica coins.


* United States Coin Facts Pages-I have a page for every U.S. Coin Type and denomination, and each page has the coin's, pictures, specifications, cherry picker dates, arrows pointing to coin features like mint mark location, designer initial location, etc, and I have an advanced search link to every date to find and buy the coin off ebay.


Also, there are many original coin guides, news articles, precious metal quotes, coin links, and I update daily. I will soon begin posting U.S. Gold Type Pages. I hope you can visit my website and learn something, or save yourself from buying the wrong coin, or just to offer feedback on what you think could be improved or added to my website.


I try to make the information as easy to understand as possible, and hope that it will appeal to the most basic collector looking for information they can easily understand.

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