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Croatian Coins 1849-2008


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Soon will be available new edition of Croatian coin catalog under title: CROATIAN COINS 1849-2008.


This catalog is basically new edition of previous catalog from 2004 (Coins of the Republic of Croatia from Independence to the Present Day) but expanded with data about new issues between 2004 and 2008 and with chapters about coins of Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia (Croatia in Austria-Hungary) and Independent State of Croatia (in WWII).


In catalog’s introduction, you can find information about history of Croatia and Croatian numismatic history. In this part, it’s explained also the origin of the name “kuna” and why this name is accepted for Croatian currency name. Introduction also contains explanation of basic numismatic terms used in catalog (catalog numbering, coin obverse and reverse, rarity grade and quality, numismatic values, bullion values).


In chapter I. are elaborated coins of Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia (Croatia in Austria-Hungary), so called “Croatian Kreuzer” or “Jelačić’s Kreuzer” from 1849. Besides coin images and basic data, coin is presented with description. In this chapter is also explained historical background of this coin and its history.


In chapter II. are elaborated coins of Independent State of Croatia (in WWII). Besides regular coin (2 kune 1941) there’s a lot of information about numerous trial strikes of other denominations. Because of large number of these trial strikes, this is probably the most interesting field of modern Croatian numismatics. This chapter contains also a short numismatic history between 1941 and 1945, based on most significant works and articles published until present day.


In chapter III. are elaborated coins of Republic of Croatia between 1993 and 2008. besides regular and commemorative issues, you can find a lot of information about irregular issues such as trial strikes, varieties and common errors. This chapter also contains information about coin sets.


List of presented numismatic materials, numismatic values and bibliography you can find at the end of the catalog.


Catalog is written on Croatian, English and German language.


Technical data: soft cover in color, 200 pages, size: A5, grayscale images


Date of issue: March / April 2008


Price: 14,00 EUR (20,00 US$) + shipping


Contacts for reservations and orders; e-mail: zviscevic@pravri.hr; mobile: +385 (0)91 727 5837


Link: http://www.hrvatskanumizmatika.net/hkn1849...9-2008_engl.htm

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