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Puchased this from one of the coin/medal/artifact dealers near me. It was in an out of the way cabinet, thickly covered in dust and he had to do contortions to reach it. Must have been there for years. He had listed it as from 1851 Crystal Palace. I discovered it was from 1876 Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia.


It is wood 4 inches by 3 inches & appears to be struck or pressed by a die, it is high relief and most attractive. It is signed, A. H. Tried searching the web & ebay,, could find no info on this or anything like it.


If anyone has any information on this one, or anything similar, or how made etc I would be delighted.


EDIT: Made by the Philadelphia Ornamental Pressed Wood Co.

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A number of wood medals were struck (pressed is probably a more accurate term) for fairs and expositions in the late 1800s. I've seen some sets in presentation boxes and examples appear frequently on Ebay. I'm at work now, but I'll check my references this evening to see if I can point you at something specific.


I don't collect them, but I've always found them to be neat items.

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