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Looking for Myanmar P77a, too

Owen Linzmayer

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I am writing an article on the banknotes of the Central Bank of Myanmar and

believe I have discovered errors in the Standard Catalog of World Paper



The SCWPM lists the 1,000-kyat note as available in two varieties: P77a with

a security thread in negative script and the chinze-only watermark, and P77b

with a security thread in positive script and a watermark of the chinze with

the denomination. Not only does the SCWPM have it backwards when describing

positive and negative script on the security threads of all Myanmar notes, I

believe it's also wrong in claiming there are two watermark varieties of

this denomination. It defies all sense of logic that after revising its

three highest denominations with windowed security threads that the bank

would revert back to using the less-secure solid thread. Likewise, why would

the bank issue its newest note with the old-style chinze-only watermark

after having gone to the trouble of adding the denomination to the watermark

of all other notes except the 1-kyat?


If there's anyone out there who has a 1,000-kyat note without the

denomination in the watermark, I would very much like to hear from you to

that effect.

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