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Corky's Want List

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I am posting my first Want List.

Just to let you know, I am intent on finding best of each of these coins I can afford to buy. I might consider a slightly circulated coin, but prefer the best for my special album.


Washington Quarters:


1994s silver proof.


1983 p and d uncirculated.


1982 p and d uncirculated.


1979s Var.II uncirculated.


1976s 40% Proof.


1963d uncirculated.


1962d uncirculated.


1958d uncirculated.


1955p uncirculated.


1953s uncirculated.


1952s uncirculated.


1951s uncirculated.


1950d uncirculated.


1932 p through 1943s all mintmarks.




1945d, 1945s


1946 p, 46d and 46s.


1947p, 47d, 47s.




Send me a pm and let me know what you might have to sell and/or trade.


Thanks for looking.


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