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Various Non-Numismatic Items We Accumulated


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These are various items that we accumulate for whatever reason that are not numismatic related:


Shipping is actual costs, I'll try to get things weighed and shipping posted for each item.



PlayStation 2 game - World Tour Soccer 2006, NEW! 1 Avail.: $3.00

Sony Brand PSP Battery Pack (not slim model), 1800mAh, NEW! 3 Avail.: $10.00/ea.

Sony Brand PSP Battery Pack (not slim model), 2200mAh, NEW! 2 Avail.: $12.50/ea.


36" Gold Chain. Hallmark: A Diamond surrounding a 'P', 14ktgfin.

a local jeweler stated this was a gold-filled chain. The total weight of the chain is 46.65g (1.5ozt). My understanding is that gold-filled is generally 1/20th gold by weight. Being 14kt, the gold is 58.48% pure, and therefore a total gold weight of approximately .045ozt was used to make this chain. It's beautiful, and I would love to use it to wear my loupe around my neck, but it is simply too thick. Asking $40.00, but will take offers. PM offers.


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