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61d Lincoln retake

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I see two definite D's. Perhaps a 3rd on the low left serif of the main D.


The coin is quite dark so I had to add a lot of light for the next try, and that is when I was pretty sure it has two D's.

Figuring how thick the D is, I am guessing it might be tripled. If it is two D's then it may be a 1961D-1MM-038, D/D/ southeast, which is the one it is most like in Daughtrey's book. If it is three D's, then it fits the 1961D-1MM-021

D/D/D east and tilted.


Either way, I think it is a good find in some old circ cents I have been hoarding.



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Yours is probably the same die as this one:



Hi Mr. Daughtrey,

Thanks for checking it out again.

I used your site, plus your book and the two sets of the "U.S. Coin Variety Complete Attribution Guides" that I have bought from your site for research and was trying to pin it down exactly.

My coin is very well circulated, and has a very dark toning, but it seems to have retained a good version of the variety for me to add to my collection.

I was wavering between 035 and 038... don't ask me why... but I do have trouble making the final decision as I am not, nor probably ever will be, the expert you are with these. In your picture I can better see a very pale outline of the D outside the main D. On my coin it seems to have been worn off.

Yet, my coin seems to be quite a good match for your picture.

But, I am getting better at spotting the errors and nuances of each coin I search.

Having your and other collectors' input has been a great help in learning that I would not have had a chance to do otherwise.

By the way... great coin you got there.


Thanks a bunch,


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