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Marks of Time

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I met Ron Dutton at the FIDEM conference in September and was taken with his medal of Stonehenge. I was attracted to his interpretation as well as how it complemented my interest in prehistoric art. Unfortunately, the Stonehenge piece was sold out in the late 1980s and I have yet to track one down (I missed one that sold before I saw it listed). After corresponding with Ron, I did acquire two other medals from the series of five he produced in 1987 for a series he called Marks of Time.


The first is Avebury:




90 mm cast bronze featuring one of the standing stones of the Avebury ring on the obverse and an aerial view of the village of Avebury built inside the stone ring. The inscription reads:


Gaunt stalking stones

Amazing minds by measured

placements stirring giant

shifts of thinking time


Photographic images of Avebury can be found by exploring the Peter Glastonbury photography site.

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The second medal i acquired from the series is Waylands Smithy:




Again, 90 mm cast bronze with the Neolithic burial chamber on the obverse. The reverse inscription reads:


Tomb cold. Yet haunting

spirit peace

that offers chance to regain

natures patterns lost


recent time.


Waylands Smithy refers to the fact that the tomb became associated with Wayland, the Saxon god (or elf) of metal working. It is said that if you leave an unshod horse at the tomb along with a silver coin, your horse will be shod and the coin will be gone when you return.


One photograph and history of the tomb can be found here.

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