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help with identifying a jetton


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thanks thats great,

will have a good look and im sure i'll work out which one it is,

shame i cant read french!!


Try Babelfish as a means to translate the text. Copy portions of text, paste in Babelfish, select French to English, and you have a reasonable translation.

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Just be ready to take the Babelfish translation with a grain of salt! Douglas Adams is surely laughing himself silly in his grave... that the babelfish of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is now spawning wonderfully creative translations for everyone on the Internet. It's just software; it gets things more or less right much of the time; sometimes it gets things spectacularly wrong.


The jeton de compte au mouton is named of course for the Lamb of God... which is l'Agneau de Dieu, but it just looks like a sheep, thus mouton. The inscription MOUTON SUI DE BE means "I am a sheep of ...BE" --and Ian or Bill can probably tell you more about the meaning of BE (I can't find anything online). Other similar jetons say DE LATON SUIS (I am made of brass), so maybe this is a reference to metal.

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