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Fancy a Error ID challange ?


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;) Hi all i have asked about this coin to dealers coin shops and other forum and still no one has been able to pin this sticky coin down !! Fancy ago anyone ???


What i think i know about the coin !


it is a Peru 1/5 Sol dated 1864 YB overdate probably over 1863 but i have had to have it conserved (NCS) as you could not make the date out because of all the gunk which was on the date {pic's 1&2}


the thing which has had me stumped is the coin is listed as having a plain edge this one has a reeded edge.. any information?


Ps. do you like the struck through string through the date ?






conserved coin





all the best dooly :ninja:


gx: Ebay ID removed. Please kindly note that you must have 25 posts and 30 days in this forum to be able to advertise. Thanks

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