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Mystery "ancient" coin


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I picked up this piece in southwestern France back in 1980. I was told the coin was "ancient", but nothing else about it. Whatever it is, it's so badly worn that it might be almost impossible to identify, but I thought I'd post it anyway in case someone had some kind of idea about it. The coin weighs 9g and is 27mm across.



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It's very hard to make out on the image I captured with my scanner, but there is some kind of design on the reverse--possibly a cross or something. I've taken a pic from an angle, which shows it a little better:



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Roaddevil, you may well be right that it's a coinlike chunk of metal someone pawned off as some kind of "ancient" coin. The thought has crossed my mind. OTOH, as you say Victor, there do seem to be some strikes on it. The obverse (I assume it's the obverse) has an egg-shaped depression (yeah, that's kind of odd, instead of something standing out) and I see something along the rim that might be a letter X. Victor, the counterstrike you see on the reverse looks to be a large X with circles at the end of each arm, with (maybe) something above it. I wish you could be here to look it over--you can see a little more in person than comes out in the photos.


Thanks for taking me seriously guys; I realize I might be overanalyzing a slug, but if this is a real (though almost destroyed) coin from the fifteenth century, or maybe what's left of an old Roman coin, or something, this seemed like one of the few places I might be able to find out.

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