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The Official Short Snorters

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The Official Short Snorters for the 2005 Season were the first such specialised notes issued for the event. The Original Short Snorter run happened in 2004 and as that event drew to a close in June 2005 ideas were flying around for the new 2005 event. Art thought it would be a good idea to issue some special notes to celebrate the occasion.


The Imperial Bank of Coinpeople had just been setup earlier in that month and was commissioned to print and issue such notes. The first of the special run were issued in England at the S mint towards the end of June 2005. In total six complete sets were issued with a seventh incomplete set.


Of these; five complete sets and the one incomplete set were snapped up by members within the first few hours of being offered on Coinpeople. The remaining complete S mint set was shipped over to the A mint in the US to be held there until further notice.


The A mint is due to issue its unique set in the next few months, and this set will be the one that accompanies the Short Snorters as they make their rounds across the globe.



The notes were issued in six denominations;


















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