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Anglo-Saxon coin is coming home!


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rare Anglo-Saxon coin found in Biggleswade and bought for a record-breaking sum is coming back to the county six years after being unearthed.


The gold mancus from the reign of Coenwulf, King of Mercia, will be on display at Bedford Museum on loan from the British Museum – which paid more than £350,000 for it.


It was found on Biggleswade Common by a metal detecting enthusiast in 2001 and attracted national interest.


There are only eight known English coins dated between 700 and 1250. This was the first to be found for more than 50 years.



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Yeah. I remember hearing about this coin when it was found. Easily one of the most absolutely fascinating news I've heard... I started wondering what it'd be like to have an old english home that could be home to so many yet to be discovered coins.

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