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REQ: Scans of new notes for IBNS Journal

Owen Linzmayer

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I am the volunteer editor of the IBNS Journal, the quarterly printed publication for the International Bank Note Society (www.theIBNS.org), a non-profit organization with approximately 2,000 paper money collectors worldwide.


We always strive to include detailed images of new notes in the New Notes section. As such, if you have any of the notes listed below, could you please send 300-dpi, 100% actual size, 24-bit color scans of the front and back of these notes, saved as uncompressed JPEG, BMP, or TIFF?


In recognition of your contribution, if we use your scan in print or online, I will publish the following next to any scans you provide:


Courtesy of YOUR NAME (YOUR URL).


I look forward to your prompt reply to this request. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Owen W. Linzmayer (IBNS member 7962)

IBNS Journal editor

2227 15th Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94116-1824 USA





20 pula, 2006. Like Pick 25, but new date. Printer: FCO.



10,000 pesos, 21.2.2004. Like Pick 453a, but new date.


20,000 pesos, 6.3.2005. Like Pick 454a, but new date.



1 peso, 2005. Like Pick 121, but new date.


50 pesos, 2005. Like Pick 121A, but new date.


Czech Republic

2,000 korun (US$93.65), 2007. Issued July 2, 2007. Like Pick 22, but new date, new signature (Tůma, GUVERNER), and many additional security features, including bichrome patterned iridescent strip of overlapping gold and blue, series other than A and B, Omron rings, 2000 and small ornament added as electrotype wmk, 3.0-mm windowed puce-to-green security thread with hatched ČNB 2000 Kč, and additional UV features. Printer: State Printing Office, Prague. 164 x 74 mm.


Domincan Republic

500 pesos oro, 2006. Like Pick TK, but new date.


1,000 pesos oro, 2006. Like Pick 173, but new date.


2,000 pesos oro, 2006. Like Pick TK, but new date.



50 quetzales, TK. Issued TK. Like Pick 105, but with electrotype denomination added to wmk head of Zachrisson.



10,000 francs, TK. Issued June 11, 2007. Watermark of a young girl with the letters RG (Republic of Guinea), 3-mm red-to-green security thread.



500 dollars, 15.1.2006. Like Pick 77, but new date, Cornerstone watermarks, and denomination added as electrotype wmk.


1,000 dollars, 15.1.2006. Like Pick 78, but new date, Cornerstone watermarks, and denomination added as electrotype wmk.



100 lats (US$194), 2007. Issued May 21, 2007. Like Pick 47, but new date, new signature (Rimsevics, Governor), and new security features, including serial number repeated in red in upper front left, horizontal band with 100 in greyish-brown print, 100 at lower left in larger reddish-brown OVI (also heat sensitive), vertical translucent band to left of portrait, transparent Varifeye window with red semicircle of the Sun and Ls, silver Sun semicircle between the transparent window and the registration device, wider windowed security thread (with holograms and Ls 100), and 100 Ls as latent image in ornamental band on back right margin. Replacement notes suffix Z. 130 x 65 mm.



20 peso, TK. Issued July 2007. Like Pick TK. Polymer. 120 x 66 mm.


Papua New Guinea

5 kina, (20)05. Like Pick 13, but new date and new signatures (Leonard Wilson Kamit, GOVERNOR; Simon Tasali, SECRETARY).


5 kina, (20)07. Issued June 20, 2007. Like Pick 22, but new date, commemorative logo of 2007 XIII South Pacific Games in upper left, SHH prefix.



20 piso, 2007. Like Pick 182, but new date and signatures (Arroyo and Tetangco).


1,000 piso, 2005. Like Pick 197, but new date.


Saudi Arabia

5 riyals (US$1.35), 2007. To be issued in July 2007. Violet. Ras Tanorah oil refinery at center, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz portrait at right. Jubayl Port in eastern region on back. 145 x 66 mm.


10 riyals (US$2.65), 2007. To be issued in July 2007. Brown. King Abdulaziz’s palace in Almoraba Area at center, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz portrait at right. King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh on back. 150 x 68 mm.



20 korun, 2006. Series V.



100,000 dollars, 1st August 2006. Expires 31st July 2007.Like Pick TK, but with space between 100 and 000 in denominations printed in all four corners.

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