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Celebrity Ugly Coin Competition - Week 6

Guest Stujoe

Who is uglier?  

  1. 1. Who is uglier?

    • Baudouin franc
    • Margrethe crone

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Guest Stujoe
For those with speakers who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://thegongshow1976.com/LoveesCo.ram )


King Bootie is strutting his stuff. After hearing that he defeated Schumacher in a "vanity" contest, King Bootie even boasted that his driving skills were of the same caliber as his looks!  :ninja: ........He has no idea what he has won! ;)  Welcome back King Bootie!





Joining him this week is another royal non-entity. On the royal house's home page her duties read, "The Queen's main tasks are to represent Denmark abroad and to be a figurehead at home." I think it should read "disfigurehead"!  ;) I believe she performed as one of the witches in the Wizard of Oz. She has more pasta on her head than Sylver's beloved Jefferson. :badgrin:  Welcome SBA's stunt double, Queen Margrethe of Denmark!




You know the drill- hit the Gong when you have had enough of looking at either of their faces!

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