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New Brunei $1,000 polymer banknote issued


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The Brunei Currency and Monetary Board yesterday issued new $1,000 polymer banknotes for circulation.


These new polymer banknotes will circulate side by side with the present B$1,000 paper banknotes. Both will remain legal tender in Brunei Darussalam and in countries that accept them.


The new polymer $1,000 banknote contains security features such as the local motive forms the complex clear window, initial HB1K can be seen when looking through the small transparent window to a point of light source, the crest of Brunei Darussalam is printed in vibrant red ink in a gold patch, the serial numbers are printed both vertically and horizontally in fonts of varying sizes, a design is formed through the combination of printing on both sides of the note when held up to the light.



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