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Zimbabwe Banknote Catalogue.

Guest Aidan Work

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Guest Aidan Work

Name; Republic of Zimbabwe.


Region; British Africa.


Capital; Harare. (Note; Harare was known as Salisbury until 1982.).


Constitutional status at time of issue; Republic.


Date of Independence; 17th April 1980.Zimbabwe was unilaterally withdrawn from the British Commonwealth by the Zimbabwean dictator,Robert Mugabe,in protest at

Zimbabwe's suspension from the British Commonwealth due to gross human rights

violations.Zimbabwe has been named an Outpost of Tyranny (additions to the list of countries named as members of the Axis of Evil).


The banknotes of Zimbabwe are issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.The title of the signatories is that of 'Governor'.


Currency system - 100 Cents = 1 Dollar.




P1b. 1983 2 Dollars. K. Moyana.


P1c. 1994 2 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P5a. 1995 5 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P2c. 1983 10 Dollars. K. Moyana.


P3e. 1994 10 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P6. 1997 10 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P4c. 1983 20 Dollars. K. Moyana.


P7. 1997 20 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P9. 1995 100 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


P10. 2001 500 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


PNL. 2001 500 Dollars. L. Tsumba.


PNL. 2003 1,000 Dollars. L. Tumba.


As the value of the Zimbabwean Dollar plunged,the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe decided to put into circulation a series of Traveller's Cheques as an emergency currency.This was shortlived,as the commercial banks levy commissions on traveller's cheques,& therefore,the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's ones found disfavour.It was then decided to put into circulation some issues of Bearer Cheques as an emergency currency.


PNL. 20,000 Dollars. G. Gono.

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