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Please help identify this medal/token


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I found this corroded and bent medal today in a creek outside of Columbia in PA. My metal detecter said it was a pull tab, so it's probably Aluminum, Tin, or Zinc. Either way it's corroded and I can't make out what it says completely, or what it was from.


On the obv (I assume the obv) there are a pair of figures, one sitting on the others back, and the lower one seems to have wings. Above them it reads: Medal Awarded The American Cla---- MCH Co.


The reverse (I assume the reverse) was so bubbled from the corroded metal I can't really make anything out. It appears to have some sort of floral design on the outside, and what appears to say :Ranc Usf (or U5F). It's really hard to make out.


Anyway, if anyone would happen to know what the heck I found this time, I'd appreciate it. There is a lot more detail than that colonial I found a few days ago, but is much more confusing, lol.



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