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Princess Diana, Prince Charles


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OK my grandmother also gave me this ( I love my Nanny) LOL .It has no money value on it at all, only the year and month June 1983.. I have no idea about this one at all she don't even remember getting this one or where she had got it at..what is the value on it and where would it have come from? thanks :ninja:





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Have not seen it before ... Maybe this (from Wikipedia) helps:

"In 1983, the RCM issued a medallion to commemorate Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. The composition of the medal is 50% pure silver and has a diameter of 36mm. The coin had a production limit of 100,000 and its issue price was $24.50."


That could be your piece. The Wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Canadian_Mint has no pix of the medal though ...



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