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Celebrity Ugly Coin Competition - Week 1

Guest Stujoe

Who is uglier?  

  1. 1. Who is uglier?

    • Churchill Crown
    • Paasikivi Commem

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Guest Stujoe
(For those with speakers who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://thegongshow1976.com/LoveesCo.ram )


Ooookay folks! Welcome to the first installment of the Celebrity Ugly Coin Contest -The Gong Show style.


Our first two contestants made their names during World War II. And we have them heeeeeeere! Their agents have been trying to book them on the news talk shows, but the networks have this peculiar policy of not allowing the dead to attend! :ninja: First we have Mr. Sir Churchill (I cannot mention his first name because it's illegal to sponsor tobacco products on air. hehe) He is best known as the Prime Minister and wartime leader of Britain. With the face that only a dog owner could love, please welcome the Churchill Crown!





His talking head opponent served as Minister without portfolio during the Winter War and later became President of Finland. His claim to fame is his policy of developing a working relationship of friendly coexistance with the Soviet Union. Looks like he would have done better to develop a working relationship with an image consultant and beautician. Welcome- pronounce it with me- Juho Kusti Paasikivi!





You know the drill- hit the Gong when you have had enough of looking at either of their faces! :mrgreen:

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