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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 10

Guest Stujoe

Which is worse?  

  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • The Flying Eagle Cent
    • The Five Pence

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Guest Stujoe
Back after a lay off' date=' the defeat of the dreaded sixpence by Stujoe's fugio... (just kidding FEC actually), was such a shock to the UCC system that it has taken time to come to terms with its loss.


So now re-entering the competition is Stujoe's FEC cent... Best described in the words of UCC spokesperson Ms E Tanner - "we're not quite sure what happened to it, they are afraid to tell us" ...


[img']http://www.stujoe.com/images/uglyfec1.jpg[/img] uglyfec2.jpg



Versus, this evil 'ickle thing that Sylvester pulled from change the other day...


Picture lost in server crash

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