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International Polar Year Coins


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The Danish central bank issues a new series of International Polar Year coins. The first design comes out this year (in late March), with the other two to follow in 2008 and 2009. Each design will be issued in three different versions with basically the same look:


* a 10 kroner coin that can be had at face value (brass, mintage 1.2 million)

* a 100 kroner silver commem, see link below (mintage 50,000 - price ~300 kr)

* and a 1,000 kroner gold coin (mintage 6,000 - price ~2,500 kr)




As far as I know, several other countries participate in the program as well. Here is more about the International Polar Year http://www.ipy.org/ ... and here is some info about the Danish issues: http://www.royalmint.dk/dkm/uk/specialdocu...33;OpenDocument


Interesting, for example, that the gold used for the 1,000 kr gold coins is from Greenland ...



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several other countries participate in the program as well

Like these for example:


Armenia: http://www.cba.am/curcommem.asp?coins=65

Australia: http://mintissue.ramint.gov.au/mintissue/p...asp?code=801478

New Zealand: http://stamps.nzpost.co.nz/Cultures/en-NZ/...versaryInfo.htm

Russia (no pix yet): http://www.cbr.ru/eng/bank-notes_coins/mem..._coins/Plan.asp


And probably more. The IPY office teamed up with Samlerhuset/MDM ("world's largest independent numismatic wholesale company"), and they in turn will surely find more participants ...



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