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Bulgarian National Bank released a coin to mark Bulgaria's accession to the EU


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Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) released into circulation a silver commemorative coin with partial gold plating on January 1, to mark Bulgaria's accession to the EU, and a circulating coin of a nominal value of 50 stotinki on the same occasion, BNB said in a media statement. The obverse of the “Bulgaria in the EU” silver coin with partial gold plating features the logo of BNB with the year 1879 written on the ribbon. Below it are the year of issue - 2007, and the nominal value of the coin - 1.95583 leva (one euro). The reverse depicts an opened old Bulgarian book on a pillar of the old Bulgarian capital Pliska. The coin was designed by Bogomil Nikolov, Ekaterina Dimitrova, Peter Stoikov and Vladimir Yosifov.



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