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Year 200 Lincoln Cent (Filled Die)

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe


http://www.stujoe.com/images/cents/200linc.jpg" WIDTH="275" HEIGHT="275"> <IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://www.stujoe.com/images/cents/200linc2.jpg" WIDTH="187" HEIGHT="125"><B><BR>Image Courtesy of <A TARGET="_blank" HREF="http://www.geocities.com/powdermusicfan/">BiggAndyy</A></B><br><br>

<IMG HEIGHT="1" SRC="http://www.stujoe.com/images/invdot.gif" WIDTH="25" BORDER="0">Here is something you don't see every day...a Lincoln cent dated 200. How can this be? Well, in the minting facility there is a lot of machinery. Where there is a lot of machinery, there is a lot of grease and other substances that keep the machines working. When some of this grease gets on a coin die, it can fill in part of the design on that die. When that grease filled die strikes a planchet, the part of the design that is filled with grease (or other substance) does not get struck up properly on the resulting coin. That results in what is known as a filled die error. These types of errors can lead to some interesting coins such as a Lincoln cent that appears to be dated 200.

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