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1937-D Three Leg Buffalo Nickel

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe

anaconda3lego.jpganaconda3legr.jpg <br><B>Image Courtesy of <A HREF="http://www.stores.ebay.com/id=5085809&ssPageName=L2" TARGET="_blank">anaconda.rare.coins</A> on Ebay</B><br><br>

<IMG HEIGHT="1" SRC="http://www.stujoe.com/images/invdot.gif" WIDTH="25" BORDER="0">This is one of the most famous of the Buffalo Nickel varieties. This is another of those varieties created by over-polishing of the dies used to strike the coin. In this case, apparently, the mint worked was trying to polish out clash marks* and got a little too overzealous! As you can see the buffalo's right front leg is mostly missing. Click here for a <A HREF="http://www.stujoe.com/images/nickels/anaconda3leglarge.jpg" TARGET="_blank">larger view</A>. The coin pictured is a stunning example of this much sought after variety.



* Clash marks are marks left on the dies when they come together without a 'blank' in between them.

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